Sunday, September 25, 2011

Season 3 Episode 2, The Vampire Diaries, The Hybrid

Elena goes to Damon's house to talk to him because he has not returned her calls. Elena tells him that she got a call from Stefan and although he didn't say anything she thinks that him even calling means that she still has hope to save him. As they talk Damon burns the notes and articles he has been keeping as he tracked Stefan and Klaus.

Then Elena goes to see Alaric and convinces him to tell her what he knows about what Stefan and Klaus are up to.

Klaus and Stefan are walking through the woods of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Stefan is carrying Ray across his shoulders. They find Ray's pack camped out in the woods. Klaus introduces himself, shocking the pack because they already know he is the hybrid.

At the Lockwood residence, Carol Lockwood adds a vial of Vervain to the carafe of coffee on the table. Tyler comes in and fixes himself a cup. Mrs. Lockwood makes a snarky comment about Caroline sneaking out like a prostitute earlier. Tyler takes a swig of the coffee and tells his Mom the cream must be bad. He also corrects his mother, telling her that Caroline is not a prostitute. After he leaves Mrs. Lockwood sighs in relief. She makes a phone call to a man named Bill, telling him she has a vampire problem.

Jeremy talks to Matt at Mystic Grill and gets him to consent to try to make contact with Vicki.

Elena is at Mystic Grill talking to Tyler about werewolf habits. Tyler says on a full moon some werewolves like to chain themselves up until their change is over and some gather in areas like woods or state parks. She mentions Tennessee and he uses her phone to find a location that weres might be.

Elena talks Alaric into going with her to the Smokey Mountains to look for the werewolves. She promises him they will leave there before the moon is full.

In the woods, in Tennessee, Klaus is talking to the pack as Ray starts to breathe again. One of the humans that stays with the pack is used to let Ray feed so he can complete his transition to vampire. Klaus forces another woman werewolf to drink his blood and then he snaps her neck.

At Mystic Grill Tyler has a conversation with Matt, telling him he doesn't know where Caroline is. Matt sort of infers that he will help Tyler during the full moon if he needs it, but Tyler says he'll be fine. After Tyler drinks coffee and again notices that it tastes funny, Matt informs him that he must be tasting the vervain that Sherriff Forbes sometimes has him add.

Bill arrives at the Lockwood's, where Carol tells him that the vampire she called him about is Caroline. since it is Caroline, she doesn't know how to proceed, but Bill says they will do what they have to do.

Alaric and Elena are now in the Smokey Mountains, walking through the woods. When they stop for a moment Ric shows that he is armed with weapons for whatever they might encounter. He gives Elena a wolfsbane grenade. Not to be outdone, she gives him back the eternity ring that John left her.

As Elena is stripping down to her bathing suit she is suddenly flung forcefully into the water that they are beside. Damon stands in her place on the bank. Without Elena's knowledge, Alaric had called Damon for back-up. Elena and Damon argue about whether they are staying or going. In the end Elena wins out, with Damon saying they are definitely going before the moon comes up.

Back at the campsite, Stefan, Klaus and Ray are surrounded by dead werewolves. The human is still around to be used for feeding after the werewolves come to and start to transition. Even though Ray should be starting to feel better, he is actually getting worse and Klaus is concerned.

Ray suddenly snarls and takes off through the woods. Stefan goes after him and manages to pin him to the ground, but Ray sinks his teeth into Stefan's forearm and runs off again. After Stefan gets up, his supersonic vampire hearing tunes into the sound of Damon and Elena talking to each other as they walk through another part of the woods.

Klaus comes up to Stefan and after finding out he was bitten says that Stefan needs to find Ray before he will heal him.

When Klaus walks back into the camp all the downed werewolves are starting to move around. One of the werewolves that fed on the human is starting to bleed from the eyes instead of completing the transition to vampire.

Tyler confronts his Mom at their house about vervaining his coffee that morning. She knows Caroline is a vampire but does not know that Tyler also has a secret side.

As Elena, Damon and Alaric are walking through the woods the sun is starting to go down, but Elena says they still have time. Ray wanders trance-like into the area where they are and then attacks Damon. Elena winds up tossing Damon the wolfsbane grenade to use on Ray.

Jeremy and Matt are looking through Vicki's stuff to find something to help them contact her. Matt can't handle it and backs out of helping. After Jeremy leaves a picture that Matt had left face-down re-rights itself on it's own.

Ray has now been tied to a tree with vervain drenched ropes. He starts into his werewolf change even though the moon is not up yet. They know the ropes will not hold him once he turns fully.

At the campsite, Klaus kills off the human since he is no longer needed. The new hybrids start to circle Klaus, in attack mode.

Elena trips as they run through now-darkened woods. She finds she is face to face with a werewolf. Damon runs away so the werewolf will chase him.

Tyler takes his Mom to the holding cell he uses when he turns. He locks her into one of the nearby cells and chains himself up, giving her a front row seat to witness his transition.

Damon is walking through the woods now and Ray shows up and attacks him. He comes extremely close to biting Damon. Stefan appears behind Ray and rips his heart out. He tells Damon that he's not coming back and to take Elena home.

Alaric and Elena wait in the car, wondering if Damon is okay. Elena tells Ric he's not a lost cause, and he decides to keep the ring. Damon walks up to the car and Elena is glad that he is okay. From a hilltop, behind the cover of trees, Stefan watches Damon load her back into the car.

Matt shows up at Jeremy's house with some beer saying he has reconsidered helping contact Vicki. Vicki appears to Jeremy and says that he can help her come back. Then Anna appears to Jeremy and tells him not to trust Vicki.

Stefan brings Ray back to the camp where Klaus is pissed off because despite having broken the curse, and killing a werewolf, vampire and doppelganger he was not able to turn the werewolves into hybrids. They are all now dead either by Klaus's own hand or by bleeding out. Klaus gives Stefan some of his blood to heal the werewolf bite.

At the Gilbert house Damon tells Elena that since Stefan didn't let Damon die he thinks that he can still be saved. He makes Elena admit to him that she worries about him and says when Stefan comes back he wants her to remember how she felt when Stefan was gone.

Tyler wakes up and his mother tells him that she will make sure that nothing happens to Caroline. Later she calls Bill and tries to talk him out of "taking care of things" but it doesn't work.

Bill enters the room that Caroline is in, where she is confined to a chair. He greets her and she looks up and says "Daddy?"

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