Friday, September 30, 2011

Save Bunnies and Party in the Moonlight

We have two new designs inspired by The Vampire Diaries. 

The first one is a nod to how some of our favorite blood-thirsty
fanged friends will sometimes dine on bunnies to quench their thirst.
It says:  Mystic Falls Blood Drive, Give Blood.  Save a Bunny.  With a picture of a cute pink bunny on it.

Available on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs.

The second one is for all the werewolf fans.  It says:  I survived a Mystic Falls Moonlight Madness party with an image of a full moon in the background.  Vampire Diaries fans know that on the night of a full moon in Mystic Falls there are likely to be some werewolves out and about.

See this design on all available products.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Will Always Choose You

In the episode The Last Dance (Season 2 episode 8) Damon Salvatore tells Elena Gilbert "I will always choose you."  This graphic was inspired by that line and for all the people whose favorite vampire - human pairing would be Damon and Elena.

The design says I will always choose you.  Under that it reads Damon and Elena.  There is a heart sketched in the background.  Writing
is white on dark shirts and black on light colored shirts.

See it on dozens of products.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Love the Salvatore Brothers?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be in love with Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries? Even being in love with someone with a pulse sucks sometimes, but when you are in love with a vampire, it's guaranteed to.

This graphic says Love sucks when you love Damon Salvatore. The writing is in blue, with a heart drawing.

See it on t-shirts, long sleeve tees and more.

Also available as Love bites when you love Damon Salvatore.

If your favorite Salvatore brother is Stefan we have something
for you too.  This version says Love bites when you love
Stefan Salvatore and has a heart drawing on it.

Perhaps there's not a specific example of the bloodthirsty undead you want to single out.  We have a graphic that says Love sucks when you love a Vampire.  The word Vampire is stretched over a pink heart.

Also available as Love bites when you love a vampire.  The wording is pink and the heart is yellow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Season 3 Episode 2, The Vampire Diaries, The Hybrid

Elena goes to Damon's house to talk to him because he has not returned her calls. Elena tells him that she got a call from Stefan and although he didn't say anything she thinks that him even calling means that she still has hope to save him. As they talk Damon burns the notes and articles he has been keeping as he tracked Stefan and Klaus.

Then Elena goes to see Alaric and convinces him to tell her what he knows about what Stefan and Klaus are up to.

Klaus and Stefan are walking through the woods of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Stefan is carrying Ray across his shoulders. They find Ray's pack camped out in the woods. Klaus introduces himself, shocking the pack because they already know he is the hybrid.

At the Lockwood residence, Carol Lockwood adds a vial of Vervain to the carafe of coffee on the table. Tyler comes in and fixes himself a cup. Mrs. Lockwood makes a snarky comment about Caroline sneaking out like a prostitute earlier. Tyler takes a swig of the coffee and tells his Mom the cream must be bad. He also corrects his mother, telling her that Caroline is not a prostitute. After he leaves Mrs. Lockwood sighs in relief. She makes a phone call to a man named Bill, telling him she has a vampire problem.

Jeremy talks to Matt at Mystic Grill and gets him to consent to try to make contact with Vicki.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Vampire Diaries, Season 3 Episode 1 - The Birthday Recap

They're bbbaaaccckkkk . . .

Nope not poltergiests this time.  Vampires, werewolves and witches.  It's Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries.

3x01 The Birthday
Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries kicks off in Tennessee with a young lady going outside to look for her dog.  Klaus shows up pretending that he is having car trouble and tries to get the girl to let him inside to use the phone.  He promises he's not a serial killer, he just conveniently leaves out that he's a hybrid vampire - werewolf.

She says he can't come in so he sheds his nice-guy demeanor and grabs her by the throat, compelling her to let him go in the house.

They enter the house where Klaus talks to the girl's roomate about someone named Ray Sutton.  The roomate says she doesn't don't know where Ray is and Klaus threatens much pain if he has to make her tell him.  During the exchange of dialogue it is alluded to that Ray is a werewolf.

She takes off and tries to run out of the front door, but when she opens it Stefan fills the doorway, looking moodily in.  The roomate caves and tells Klaus that the guy he is looking for is at a bar called Southern Comfort. 

Klaus gets the original girl to let Stefan come in, whereupon he unleashes Stefan on the two women as he goes to wait in the car.

Now it is morning at the Gilbert residence.  Elena gets up and then gets Jeremy up, informing him he is late to work. 

Elena speaks to Caroline on the phone and asks that Caroline keep the birthday party she is having for Elena on the small side.  We find out that Alaric has been camping out on the couch at the Gilbert's for half of the summer.

Elena heads over to the Salvatore's where Damon says, 'Top of the mornin'' while wearing nothing but his birthday suit and bath bubbles.  Elena gives Damon some information animal attacks in Tennessee and she wants him to check them out to see if it is possibly connected with Klaus.

Jeremy is now working at the Mystic Grill and Bonnie is out of town visiting her Dad's family.
While he is working in the back Jeremy has a flash of a person in front of him who appears to be his ex-girlfriend Vicki.

Tyler and Caroline ponder how it's weird that people think they are dating, even though they do spend all their time together.

Klaus and Stefan find Ray Sutton at Southern Comfort and Klaus reveals he is a hybrid and wants to create more hybrids.  He wants Ray to take him to his pack.
Alaric and Damon go to check on the possible lead that Elena had.  They find the two girls from the beginning of the episode sitting on the couch.  They are obviously dead and there is blood all over the place.  Damon tells Alaric this is definitely Stefan's handiwork.  Stefan was known as "The Ripper" and would feed so hard he would black out and rip his victims' bodies apart.  Afterwards he would feel bad about it and put them back together.  Damon nudges one of the girls knees with his foot and her head rolls off her shoulders and plops on to the floor.

While Tyler, Caroline and Elena prepare for the party, they discuss the kiss that Damon and Elena shared.  Elena says she only did it because he was dying at the time.
Elena leaves to make a phone call and Tyler and Caroline get into a conversation where they both reveal that due to their vampire and werewolf thangs they are constantly in the mood and always sexually frustrated. 

Tyler is bringing a date to the party later to hopefully quench some of his desire.
Damon cleans up the mess that Klaus and Stefan left by slinging gasoline around and torching the house. 

Before they leave he discovers a hidden floor hatch that leads down into a basement that has shackles on the wall.  Damon recognizes it as a werewolf holding cell.

At Southern Comfort Stefan is using Ray for dart practice with wolfsbane tipped darts.  Ray still refuses to give up the location of his pack.

Klaus gets a tip from a waitress that Damon is onto him and Stefan convinces Klaus to let him handle Damon.

Before Elena's party Damon gives her the necklace that she thought she had lost forever.  Elena and Damon go downstairs and Elena sees that the party is huge, which she isn't happy about, but decides to just drink up.
Jeremy and Matt share a joint and Jeremy tells Matt that he's been seeing things since Bonnie brought him back from the dead, although he doesn't tell him what he has been seeing.
Andie, who is supposed to meet up with Damon at the party is trying to leave work when Stefan shows up, looking bloodthirsty.

At the party Tyler is dancing with his date, Sophie.  Caroline is bothered by this, although she doesn't come out and say it.  When she talks to Sophie for a moment she compels her and tells her to leave, making Tyler wonder what Caroline's problem is.

Elena finds notes Damon has been keeping in his closet from where he has been tracking Klaus.
Damon gets a text from Andie telling him to come get her.  When he gets there Stefan comes out of the shadows and tells Damon to quit looking for him.  To emphasize that he means business he discloses that he has Andie standing on a scaffold and has told her not to move.  While Damon watches, Stefan tells Andie she can move now.  Andie steps off the scaffolding and plummets to the ground, dying when she hits it.
Damon runs over to her, but she is already gone.

Back at the party Jeremy offers to drive Matt home.  While he is waiting for Matt to get in the car Vicki appears beside him in the passenger seat asking for help.  Then she is quickly gone again.  Jeremy also sees Anna standing in front of the car.  When Matt questions Jeremy about his behavior, Jeremy just suggests they walk instead of driving.

Inside, Caroline and Tyler have a heated exchange and Tyler tells Caroline if he shouldn't be dating anyone then she needs to tell him.  Instead of telling him, she shows him with a kiss.  They decide to leave the party together.

Damon has come back to the party and finds Elena in his room.  She asks him about the notes he has been keeping.  Damon says that it wasn't Klaus's victims he was tracking all this time, it was Stefan's.  He says now that Stefan has flipped his compassionate-vampire switch to off there is no going back, well at least not in Elena's lifetime.

In the early part of the morning Matt and Jeremy are eating icecream in the Gilbert's kitchen.  Jeremy tells Matt he's been seeing his sister.  Matt figures it's probably just because he misses her, because even though Mystic Falls is full of supernatural stuff, ghosts are just a little farfetched, dontcha think?

Klaus managed to get the information on the pack out of Ray, but instead of letting him go Klaus cuts his own wrist and forces Ray to drink his blood.  Then, he snaps Ray's neck.
Klaus lets Stefan know that he doesn't really believe him that he's willing to cut ties with his family.

Alaric decides to move out of the Gilbert's house, telling Elena she can do it on her own now.

Tyler and Caroline vent their sexual frustrations on each other in Tyler's bedroom.

Stefan goes out to the parking lot of the bar and calls Elena.  When she answers he doesn't speak, but she guesses it's him and tells him she loves him and he will be okay.

When doing the walk-of-shame out of Tyler's house, Caroline runs into Mrs. Lockwood.  When she turns her back Mrs. Lockwood pops her with a bunch of darts/syringes.