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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3 - The End of the Affair Recap

Original airdate September 29, 2011

Damon gets a call from Katherine, who knows what Stefan and Klaus are up to and that Klaus is not a happy camper that his hybrids didn't work.  Damon thinks that she knows where they are and tries to find out what she knows.

Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago.  It turns out that Chicago was one of the places Stefan lived for awhile.  This was back in Stefan's Ripper days and Stefan says he doesn't remember much about that time because most of it was a blacked out blur. The time that Stefan was in Chicago was during prohibition.  The show flashes back to that time and Stefan is in the back of a car with a woman and has just finished feeding from her. 

He leaves the car and goes into a speakeasy where there is dancing and drinking.  He makes the acquaintance of a blonde woman who knows what he is and what he's just been doing.  She won't give him her name and it's easy to see that Stefan is intrigued.

Back in the present, Stefan questions Klaus as to why he still has him around.  Klaus says they are going to see a witch.

At the Gilbert household Elena wakes up to find Damon in her bed.  Damon says he knows that Stefan is in Chicago and asks Elena if she wants to take a road trip.

Caroline is still shackled in the stone-walled room from last episode.  A smoky substance starts to come in through the vents and Caroline begins coughing.  Her father walks in and wants to know how it is that she is able to be in the sunlight.  She indicates that it's the ring she is wearing.  He removes the ring and tosses it on the ground.  He says his ancestors built this dungeon.  It has vervain in the ventilation system to keep the captured subject weak.  He waves a bag of blood in front of her face and her eyes darken and she gets the vampire look.  He throws open a window behind her causing bright sunlight to stream directly onto her back. Her skin starts to sizzle and smoke.

Damon and Elena are in the car, on the way to Chicago.  Elena stares out the window and fingers the necklace that Stefan gave her.  Damon pulls Stefan's diary from the backseat and when Elena won't read it on her own, he begins to read aloud from it.  It was from 1922, Stefan's time in Chicago.  Stefan talks about how he often blacks out and wakes up with strangers, not knowing where he is. 

We are transported back in time to see Stefan and a group of men laughing loudly.  The blonde he spoke to earlier is dancing with a gentleman and not happy at the noise Stefan and his party are making.  She walks over to Stefan and tells him that.  As she walks away he tries again to get her name, but she still will not give it to him.

In the present, Stefan and Klaus enter a bar that turns out to be the same one from the old days.  The lady who runs the bar is the singer, Gloria, from the flashbacks, she has aged a little, but nowhere near what she should've.  We find out she's a powerful witch and she is able to slow her aging. 
Klaus came to her to find out why he couldn't create the hybrids.  In order to find that out, Gloria tells them she will have to contact the deceased witch who created the spell.  She requests that Klaus enlist the help of someone named Rebecca. 

While Stefan is behind the bar getting drinks, he finds a picture from his former time in Chicago.  He and Klaus are together in the picture, with Stefan's arm around Klaus's shoulders and the two are looking chummy.  Stefan is surprised by the picture.

Sherriff Forbes makes a call to Caroline, leaving her a message and telling her she knows she's been working a lot and would like to get together with her.  As she finishes her phone call, Tyler comes to her door.

In the vampire prison Caroline's Dad is still allowing the sunlight to burn her.  He says he is conditioning her to associate pain with human blood so eventually she will be able to repress her vampire instincts. Again, he produces the blood bag in front of her to gauge her reaction.  When she starts to look vampireish he blasts her with more sunlight.

Damon takes Elena to Stefan's old apartment in Chicago.  Behind a fake wall he shows her a small pantry-like room that has a long list of names written on the wall.  These were Stefan's victims.
Damon leaves her there, telling her to come up with a plan while he finds Stefan. 

Stefan doesn't remember Klaus from before and is angry that Klaus won't give him more information.  Klaus says that he hated Stefan back then. 

In a flashback Stefan and the blonde haired woman are feeding from the same lady.  As they finish they start to make out with each other.  They pause and Stefan admires the necklace around Rebecca's neck.  (The necklace is the one that Elena currently sports around her own neck.) She says a witch gave it to her, she says it's magic must be real because it brought her love.  Someone comes up and tells the woman "Rebecca" to come with him.  This person is Klaus and he is Rebecca's brother.  They were both original vampires and back in the 1920's Klaus went by the name of Nik.

Today's Stefan and Klaus are standing in a room full of coffins.  Klaus opens one and he and Stefan gaze down upon the corpse inside.  Stefan doesn't recognize her.  Klaus pulls the dagger from her chest and tells his sister that it's time to wake up.

Rebecca is taking her time coming back to existence.  Stefan wants more information on Klaus about the past and we see them from before, sitting around a table with Rebecca.  A man walks by, looking for his wife.  He threatens to call the police on Stefan.  Stefan calls his wife over but when the man tries to leave with her, he compels him to sit. 

Stefan cuts the wife's wrist, letting the blood flow into a champagne glass.  He scoots the glass over to the man and makes him drink the blood.  He also makes the man tell him his name.  It's Liam Grant.  Klaus-from-the-past looks on in admiration during Stefan's little show. 

At the place where Rebecca's body was stored, Klaus tells the guard to pass a message along to Rebecca to meet him at Gloria's bar.  He also tells the guard to let Rebecca feed from him until he dies. 
Damon talks to Gloria, who says that Stefan and Klaus are supposed to be coming back to the bar later, but won't tell him why.

In the apartment Elena reads excerpts from Stefan's diary.  They tell about when Lexy weaned him off of human blood to animal blood and how by 1935 he still had cravings but they were manageable. 

Making good on his promise to show Stefan something that would prove they knew each other way back when, Klaus takes Stefan to the old apartment.

Elena hears them as they come down the hall and ducks into the hideaway room.  Klaus reveals that Stefan took particular care to get his victim's names because he liked to keep a list of his kills.

Klaus opens up the fake-wall piece, and tells Stefan to look in there.  Stefan looks in and sees Elena, along with the wall of names.  He doesn't say anything to her, but distracts Klaus with liquor and shuts the door to the secret area.  He and Klaus leave.

Damon comes back to the apartment and tells Elena he knows where Klaus and Stefan are going to be tonight.  He tells Elena she will have about five minutes to get through to Stefan while Damon distracts Klaus.

Klaus and Stefan are at Gloria's bar, drinking, and in a flashback we see Klaus and Stefan from yesteryear talking and filled with good will towards one another. 

In the vampire jail, Caroline's father doesn't believe that she can control her cravings on her own and says that he will be back tomorrow to continue her conditioning.  As he leaves Caroline's mother comes in with Tyler.  She keeps Bill Forbes from stopping Tyler as he goes into the room and carries a bloodied and weakened Caroline out.

In the past, Klaus looks on as Rebecca and Stefan share a dance.  The Chicago PD bursts in and starts firing wooden bullets, indicating they know that there are vampires there.  Rebecca cryptically says something about someone knowing something, as Klaus comes to get her.  He compels Stefan, telling him that he will forget about Klaus and Rebecca until a time later when Klaus will tell him that he can remember.
In the now, as Stefan realizes that Klaus compelled him to forget, he also comes to the conclusion that Klaus must be running from this mysterious "someone."  Klaus refuses to give him any more information.

Damon walks into the bar, keeping out of Klaus's sight.  He beckons to Stefan to come outside.  Stefan does so, telling Klaus he is going out to get a real drink.

In the parking lot, Stefan grabs Damon and backs him up against a car, telling him he needs to get Elena out of Chicago before Klaus knows she's still alive. 
Damon tells him to tell her himself and Stefan sees that Elena is there too.  Damon goes back into the bar and sits down beside Klaus. Damon tries to negotiate to get Klaus to release Stefan, he even offers himself as trade, but Klaus won't take him up on that offer.

Stefan meets with Elena in the parking lot.  Elena asks him to come home but he just tells her she needs to leave, that things have changed. He stops Elena right before she stabs a loaded syringe into his back. 
In the bar Klaus is stabbing Damon slowly and repeatedly with an umbrella toothpick.  He snaps a leg off of one of the wooden chairs and is about to ram Damon through the heart with it, when it ignites into flames in his hand.  Gloria tells them that kind of stuff is not going to happen in her bar.  Klaus tells Damon that by the time he's done with Stefan he won't want to go back to his old life anyway.

Outside, Stefan tells Elena that things would never be the same and she needs to give up on him, that he doesn't want to be with her anymore.  He walks away from her as she stares after him.

Damon and Elena leave Chicago with Elena mimicking her earlier motion and touching her necklace, this time with sadness on her face. 

The Sherriff gives Caroline a bag of blood to help restore her health.  Her mom tries to explain away the actions of her father, saying they've been ingrained into their families for centuries.  Tyler comes in and her mom leaves them alone.  Tyler holds Caroline as she says that her dad hates her through sobs.

Klaus goes to the coffin storage area to find Rebecca's coffin empty.  She comes speeding out of the darkness somewhere and shoves a dagger into his chest. 

In the past Klaus is telling Rebecca to come along, as they have been found out.  She says she's not going without Stefan.  Klaus informs her Stefan is not coming but does not tell her that he had worked his magic on him to make it so.  Rebecca chooses to remain loyal to Stefan when Klaus forces an ultimatum on her and because of her decision Klaus impales her with a dagger.

In the present he pulls the dagger from his own chest.  Rebecca admits she knew it wouldn't kill him, she just hoped it would cause him pain.  He says he's brought her something to make amends for his past actions. 

He calls Stefan in and tells him that he can now remember everything.  Stefan's memories fast forward through his times with Rebecca.  He also remembers that he and Klaus were friends once upon a time. 

Klaus tells Rebecca he brought her back to help summon the original witch.  It turns out that what Rebecca needs to do this is her old necklace, which is no longer around her neck, or in her coffin.

Damon talks to Katherine on the phone, telling her that they did find Stefan in Chicago and that things did not turn out as hoped for.  She still won't tell him where she is.

Then a flashback to the bar after the police raid.  Katherine's there and watches as Stefan stoops and picks up the necklace that had fallen from Rebecca's neck as she ran away.  A Chicago policeman shows Stefan a drawing of Klaus and Rebecca and Stefan says he does not recognize either of them.  (The Chicago police officer looks very familiar, but I can't put my finger on if he looks familiar because he is someone I recognize from the present, or just because he's played in other things.)

And back in the present again ... Katherine gets into a taxi as a bus passes by indicating that she is in Chicago.

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