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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 4, Disturbing Behavior Recap

Episode 4x04 starts in a Chicago boutique with Klaus and Stefan waiting for Rebecca to find an outfit from this century that she likes.  Some what would normally be good natured teasing passes between the three of them, but with this group you can never be too sure that someone's not about to stab you in the heart.

Stefan steps outside to get a little fresh air and sees Katherine across the street.

At the Gilbert household Damon and Elena do a little light flirting over some simmering chili.  Alaric eyes their exchange warily and asks Damon why he is there.  Damon is waiting for the inevitable fallout that Elena is going to experience over having lost Stefan and he will be there to catch her when it happens.  Elena insists she will be fine, causing Damon to point out she was still wearing Stefan's necklace.

Stefan talks to Katherine for a few minutes, long enough for her to drop a few snarky comments and try to weasel information out of Stefan regarding what he is up to.  She knows that Elena has the necklace that Klaus needs.  She tells Stefan that he needs to be careful when dealing with Klaus, and his sister too, for that matter.

Jeremy wakes up from a dream to find Anna laying next to him in bed.  She is ecstatic that he can actually hear her, because she's been trying to communicate with him for days.  He said he happened to be dreaming about her and it seems like that is why he can see and hear her now.

Caroline shows up at Elena's door, along with Bonnie, who is back from spending time with her Dad's family.  As she and Jeremy reunite he catches a glimpse of Anna in a mirror.  He is a little thrown by it, but continues to greet Bonnie.

Sheriff Forbes takes Damon to the City Jail where she has been holding her ex-husband in a cell, waiting for the vervain to leave his system.  Damon sinks his teeth into Bill's neck and confirms there is no vervain in his blood.  Bill tells Damon the reason he thought he could help Caroline go against her vampire instincts is that as long as a person is strong enough their brain can be trained and retrained.  Damon compels him, telling him he came to town to take Caroline back to school shopping and for no other reason.

At Gloria's bar Stefan joins an already in progress witch-looking-for-the-necklace party.  Gloria has to use Rebecca's energy to get a connection to the necklace.

Elena, Caroline and Bonnie chat while getting the chili ready for the Founder's party, and Caroline cautions Elena about spending time with Damon.  Suddenly, Elena's necklace gets so hot it burns her, leaving a red mark on her chest where it was laying.  Bonnie goes to take it from her, but as soon as her hand touches it, sparks fly and she drops it. 

Gloria informs her audience of hybrid and vampires that she has found the necklace, however she cannot provide the exact location of where it's at.  She tells Klaus to back off and she needs time.  Stefan convinces Klaus and Rebecca to go get something to eat with him.

At the Founder's party, Bonnie gets ready to do an identification spell on the necklace to find out who was trying to locate it.  Before she can do anything the necklace begins to float above the spell book she has in her lap.  Bonnie says the necklace has it's own magic.  In the meantime, Caroline tries to find out what is going on between Damon and Elena.  Elena insists there is nothing going on, other than a mutual concern for Stefan's well-being.

Off in another part of the party, Alaric tells Damon that he needs to give Elena some space, which does not go over well with the ever-headstrong Salvatore.  Before he can discuss it any further with Ric, the sherriff comes up and tells him the mayor has called a city council meeting.

Klaus, Stefan and Rebecca dine on three woman for dinner, during which Rebecca and Klaus pull off convincing sibling rivalry.  Stefan excuses himself and Klaus tells Rebecca he has to go write a name on a wall.

Jeremy talks to Anna again, who explains their connection as a push-pull type of scenario.  Anna pushes from her side to try to contact Jeremy and Jeremy pulls from his side and that gives them the ability to communicate.  Anna tells Jeremy that she thinks Vicki is bad news.  They touch hands for a moment.

Stefan goes to Gloria's bar and she tells him that while she was searching for the necklace she heard the girls around it talking about him.  She doesn't want to help Klaus and wants the necklace for herself.  She threatens that if Stefan doesn't tell her where the necklace is, she will tell Klaus that Stefan has not been upfront with him.  Stefan tries to do his faster than a speeding bullet attack on her, but she stops him cold in his tracks and he grabs his temples and falls to the floor.

The next time we see Stefan, Gloria has put a paralysis spell on him and is trying to get more information on the necklace out of him.  To do this, she slits both his wrists and inserts a metal hook in each to keep him from healing.  As his blood drips out Gloria says she will be able to read his essence.  To further her endeavor she rubs vervain between her hands and then palms his chest.  He begins to scream and sizzle where she is touching him.

The Council meeting is coming to an uneventful close when Bill Forbes walks in, obviously still fully aware of Damon being a vampire.

Jeremy and Bonnie are looking through grimoires trying to find something about the necklace.  Anna appears behind Bonnie and tells Jeremy that the darkness is there, right before the grimoires burst into flames.  Bonnie uses a quick spell to put them out and makes sure Jeremy is okay, saying she is not sure what just happened.

While Gloria still tortures Stefan she is able to see his memories.  She figures out that he is in love with Elena and also that she is the doppelganger, which would explain why Klaus can't create his hybrid army. 
Katherine shows up at the right time, right place and stabs Gloria in the neck.

On their way out of the door at the Founder's party, Alaric, Elena and Caroline spot Bill Forbes in another room.  Caroline goes upstairs to avoid him.  Just outside, Damon meets up with the remaining two and says that Bill Forbes is immune to compulsion.  When he starts to go all wicked-Damon again, talking about killing Bill, Alaric tries to reason with him, which just succeeds in pissing Damon off.  He snaps Ric's neck and stalks off across the lawn, ignoring Elena as she asks "What is wrong with you?"

At the bar, Stefan takes care of Gloria's body. He tells Katherine that he knew Klaus and Rebecca in the 20's and back then they were running from a vampire hunter.  Since they are Original Vampires it is surprising that they would run.  Stefan tells Katherine he is on his own and she cannot be his diabolical sidekick.

Caroline is in Tyler's bedroom when he gets home from football practice.  After initially telling him he stinks, she overlooks that and they begin what could be a hot vampire/werewolf love session, but Elena interrupts them with a phone call to Caroline.  She informs her there is a problem and we can see that Alaric's motionless body is still laid out on the ground.

Damon finds Bill Forbes and proves him wrong when he says Damon wouldn't be self destructive enough to kill the Sherriff's ex-husband.

Damon decides not to kill Bill, but bites him again, enjoying the taste of fresh blood.  Caroline comes flying into the room and flings Damon away from her father.  She makes her dad drink her blood so that he will heal from Damon's bites.  In quite a display of Girl Power Caroline pretty much kicks Damon's ass and then sprints her father away. 

Elena comes in to witness the end of this debacle and argues with Damon, telling him even though he is a vampire, he doesn't have to act like one.  She also tells him she doesn't want him to to be what other people think he is.  Damon just yells back at her that he is not Stefan.

As Jeremy is washing up in the bathroom, Anna pays him another visit.  He decides that he can't have her just popping in and out when he is with Bonnie so he shuts himself off from her, leaving her trapped in her Other Side loneliness again.

Stefan talks to Rebecca in the family coffin room and tries to get her to tell him who her and Klaus were running from back in the twenties.  She says she can't talk about it.  After informing Stefan that Klaus told her about the girl he loved that died, they have a short seemingly bonding moment and she kisses him. 

When he says that one day he might love someone again the way he loved Elena she calls him on his lie, reporting that his kiss gave him away. 

Klaus enters saying they have to find a new witch because Gloria is gone.  He senses the tension in the air and Rebecca tells Klaus that Stefan was asking about her about Michael.  Klaus lunges at Stefan.

Damon makes two mixed drinks and takes one over to the sofa to tinkle it beside Alaric's ear.  Alaric bolts up, wheezing.  Damon observes it took longer for him to come back to life than usual.  In a Damon kind of apology, he explains that Ric pissed him off, so he killed him.  He was just tired of people trying to reign him in.  Alaric doesn't forgive and forget, he gets up and walks away.

Caroline and Elena have a conversation in which Caroline assures Elena if she were to admit to being attracted to Damon, it would only mean that she is human and not whatever horrible thing Elena is thinking. 

They see Bill Forbes walk across the street and Caroline goes over to him.  He says he's leaving town and thanks Caroline for helping him with Damon.  However, he remains unconvinced that Caroline "will ever be okay again," since she is now a vampire.

Alaric, Sherriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood meet and Ric tells them he wants to join the council on behalf of the Gilbert's since he is the one basically in charge of them.  They don't seem too keen on the idea, but he calls them out on the fact that their daughter and son are a vampire and a werewolf.  He says someone needs to actually worry about the non-supernatural beings in Mystic Falls.  He says he will be at the next meeting.

Elena meets up with Bonnie and gets her necklace back from her.  Bonnie tells her that Jeremy is seeing his dead ex-girlfriends.  Bonnie turns her head away for a moment and when she looks back, Elena's chair is now vacant.

There is a knock on Damon's door and he opens it to reveal Elena on the other side.  He tells her any apologies have to come in written form.  when the person on his stoop starts smirking he realizes it's Katherine.  She has come to recruit him as a partner in crime, but she won't give him the full details yet.  They decide to take a road trip, Destination Unknown (at least to viewers and Damon) and Katherine shows Damon that she has the necklace.

Klaus wakes up Stefan and after a little speech about being curious about what Stefan is holding onto from his old life, he pulls up a door, showing that they were actually in the back of a cargo truck and they are now in Mystic Falls.

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